post saying goodbye to summer (already)

August 10th, 2012

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Ben and I took one final fling away from Baltimore before I got too swamped down in teaching craziness. I have a ridiculously busy schedule this fall semester but I’m actually quite excited about it. I’m teaching an animation class! Amongst many other things…

We went camping in the Allegheny National Forest in northern PA. It was glorious to escape the stinky sweaty Baltimore air! And our campground was just a few feet away from a huge sparkling reservoir. That you can legally swim in! (For you fellow Baltimorons, you understand my “don’t swim in this lovely beautiful tempting reservoir unless you want a very large fine” pain.) I officially have seen the most stars I have ever seen in my entire life! It was amazing. The last night we sat under the stars for a long time watching shooting stars. I saw at least six.

I highly recommend camping here! It’s beautiful and only a 5 hour drive from Baltimore. But watch out for bears! We were warned upon arrival by the campground hosts that bears enter the campground, searching for food, all the time. And told us several stories of the most recent “visits”. Needless to say, I had a rather difficult time sleeping the first night, waking up at every sound. I heard deep heavy bear-like breathing right outside our tent while we slept. I never said anything to Ben about it (attributing it to my paranoia and confusion between sleep/awake consciousness). But on the drive home HE told ME he heard a bear breathing on us at night! We are now convinced that neither of us are crazy and that a bear(s) was checking us out at night. Unless the campground is inhabited by some large mouth-breathing strange old man that likes to breath on campers while they sleep…

Here are some photos!

sunset by the water

our campground: right through that dark hole

checking out the water

ben swimming

ben poses with beer

i am the fire master. and steaks and corn.


morning, inside the tent