post chocolate glitter peanut butter squirrel

November 23rd, 2010

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I just finished Ben’s birthday cake (it was a 2 day process – he had better appreciate this thing!) and am waiting for him to arrive from CT. So if you see him or talk to him before I do, shh, don’t tell him! I saw this squirrel at Red Tree the other day and thought, ummm… no, I can’t possibly bring myself to pay $14.50 for this when I can’t really even explain why I want it or why I think Ben must have it. But in the end, I went back and decided yes, I MUST have this squirrel! I kept fantasizing about how awesome it was and how perfect it would look on top of this cake I wanted to make. And, admit it: how perfect are glitter furry squirrels and gooey peanut butter and chocolate for each other?! (Oh, ok, I actually explained why I wanted this squirrel quite well come to think of it.) Now that I see it finished I can’t stop giggling.

I don’t know that this cake quite beats the cake I made Ben for his first birthday we spent together visually (the Pontiki cake), but it should taste pretty amazing because I got the recipe from my favorite food source and it sounds and looks delicious.

Happy (early) Birthday Ben!

post my new favorite book

November 19th, 2010

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I saw online the other day that Paul Chan wrote a children’s book and I love Paul Chan so I had to get it. This book is awesome. Footnotes (crazy amazing footnotes) in a children’s book = BRILLIANT! I don’t know that everyone would give this book to a kid but I would. I want to give it to every kid. But I love mine too much to give it to anyone.