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September 23rd, 2010

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This is what usually happens when trying to get three kids to pose for the camera all at the same time. And as it should be… who wants boring old posed photos anyway? Shame on me for even trying.

Last weekend my brother, his wife, and three kids were here for a visit. It worked out quite well: one child per adult, perfect for crossing streets and walking through cities. Much museum going, laughter, jumping, talk and jokes of bodily functions (That’s right on my level… Boogers was the big one this time because there was a horse sculpture whose nose they could stick their fingers into and pretend they were wiping snot all over each other at, of all places, the American History Museum. Now you know what they learned about our nation’s history.), and sleep deprived whining entailed. I am just recovering now from those adorable energy sucking critters.

This is the picture Lauren drew of me. Love it! I was so happy to see all the grapes. How did she know I like wine? Lauren had the privilege of spending the night at my house one night during the family visit. This is what she wanted to do (and of course that means that’s what we did!): draw, paint, watch movies, drink hot chocolate, and eat snacks. Luckily I have apparently had a positive influence on her because her favorite movie to watch with me is My Neighbor Totoro.

Sadly, and much to Lauren’s dismay, I think Lauren is Mito’s most hated human in the world (and that’s saying quite a lot, coming from the anger filled depths of what is known as Mitochondria the cat). Her drawing of Mito says it all. I was listening to but not watching her as she drew this and she kept saying that the eyes were “too nice” and she kept redrawing them. I think she got it down.

Even though, by the last day of the trip (and I have to remind myself that sleep depravation that comes with traveling was completely taking the kids over by that point – aka grumpiness), Lauren seemed intent on finding any possible way to annoy me or make me angry, when she hugged me goodbye she told me she wanted to come live with me forever… awwwww.

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September 12th, 2010

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Last night was the opening for The Child Ballads Show at the G-Spot. I was very excited to see this show because a painting professor, Art Rosenbaum, that I had in undergrad in Athens, GA was scheduled to play the banjo. A year ago or so I was traveling in the car and I heard a show on the radio. The name Art Rosenbaum was mentioned and I thought – hey, I once had a teacher by that name. I went on listening and realized the show was about traditional American folkloric music and I thought –  hey, my teacher was a banjo player and a big fan of that type of music. And then an interview with him began and I realized – hey, that IS my teacher! I learned he won a Grammy for his field recordings album Fifty Years of Traditional American Music. I had seen him play before when I was living in Athens and it was great to see him again after so many years.

I am not sure who these guys are with Art Rosenbaum but apparently some of them were artists in the exhibition and had also traveled from Georgia.

H. Honne Wells (sorry, all I could find was a myspace link which didn’t tell me too much about him) was the second act. I had never heard of him before and still really know nothing about him but he was singing in a very deep Tom Waits-esque voice and playing the banjo. I don’t know if this voice is his usual schtick but it was very odd and I couldn’t decide if it was beautiful, funny, sad, ridiculous or maybe all of these things. I liked it! Here’s a short video I got. See for yourself.

The closing act was Walker and Jay (sorry, I didn’t get a photo) who I had only seen play with the Black Cherry Puppet Theater. They were also wonderful. I know you’re probably not reading this Jenn, but if you are, I had no idea you had such a talented boyfriend! The paintings are up for a while but you missed out if you weren’t there for the opening last night.

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September 11th, 2010

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Holy cow! These chocolate tortilla chips are quite delicious. Get some good cheese to go with them and they’re even better. I had mine with goat cheese from Whole Foods – I can’t remember what kind but it’s the one with the very thin edible (or at least I eat it) brown edge. Yum!!!

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September 4th, 2010

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I am finally giving in and admitting it. All of my classes have officially started and it is back to business as usual. (Not that I’m complaining… I’m very pleased with my classes so far.)

I can’t believe the summer is over. It was truly a wonderful one. Which only makes it that much harder to go back to the usual grind. The major highlights were: Penland, printmaking, fresh delicious tomatoes from the dirt bird garden, a New England birthday weekend, painting, finishing an animation for Artscape, wild blueberries, and daily seafood in Maine: lobster rolls, whole lobsters, clams, mussels, scallops, haddock…

The only thing I say good riddance to: the heat. This was the worst summer of heat ever for Baltimore. Please don’t ever happen again! It is so beautiful today, though, I have already put all that behind me.

And I leave you with a few memories of summer fun.

Penland printmaking studio


Maine beach walk

mushroom family at Roque Bluffs State Park

the beach at Great Wass Island Preserve