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January 12th, 2010

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On a recent trip to Austin I saw the work of artist Teresita Fernandez at the Blanton Museum of Art. The image above is from a room that featured work that was made entirely with graphite. The structure in the foreground was built of graphite (not really sure how) and the work in the background was small bits of graphite that were stuck to the wall and there were soft traces of smudgy marks (either from graphite dust falling over time or drawn, not sure which) on the wall. It was difficult not too touch. I think what amazed me most about her work was that each piece took a relatively simple idea or material or form but then the scale or light or placement of the viewer around them (sometimes all three) transformed them into individual little worlds or landscapes where I felt like I was the only person that existed in each of them.

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January 10th, 2010

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I suppose the holidays are officially over even though classes haven’t started yet. To get myself in gear, I forced myself to paint today. These are the results. They’re very derivative of a lot of my other work recently (but how could they not be, I made them, right?) but I guess they aren’t so bad. It’s difficult getting back into it after a 3 week (or so) hiatus. However, I have to remember to cram as much time into making work before school does start back even if I don’t feel like it… wah.