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October 16th, 2009

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Lots of traveling last weekend! A perfect time for it too. The leaves were beautiful. I drove up to see Ben and while there, we went to Boston for our anniversary dinner (because there aren’t too many – any, really – options out in the middle of nowhere CT) and to NYC for a day of gallerying in Chelsea.

Dinner was amazing. And I have two new favorite artists now. The first is Marina Zurkow (video from the show I saw above, taken from her site). We stumbled upon a great group media exhibit (Jim Campbell among them) where we saw her work. Make sure you take a look at her site! She is making quite a broad range of both visual and conceptual pieces. She is awesome!

My second new favorite is Thordis Adalsteinsdottir (I had to check that about ten times to get the spelling right), a painter from Iceland. The image above I took from her site, though not one I saw in the show. None of the images I could find even come close to doing her work justice, unfortunately. Her color changes are subtle and the detail in her imagery is very entertaining. I love the large mural she has posted on her site.

Lots of other good stuff too… enough to keep me inspired at least for a little while.