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September 19th, 2009

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I saw the William Eggleston show at the Corcoran today. It was great and I caught it just in time before it comes down this weekend. I felt oddly nostalgic (oddly because I have a strange split feeling when it comes to feeling very southern and not southern at all) upon seeing some of the southern landscapes, particularly the Plains series which were taken right around the time I would have been moving to GA as a child.

I decided to sit down and have a cup of coffee before driving back to Baltimore. I saw red velvet cupcakes at the counter and couldn’t resist. Which is unfortunate. Because it was truly disgusting. I feel like you have to try really hard to make a cupcake that is that gross. I ate half the cake part which was at least somewhat edible, though still not enjoyable. After one taste of the frosting, though, I couldn’t even think about eating any more of it. At least the coffee was not bad.

I had a strange experience on the drive home as I was happily driving and listening to music on this beautiful sunny day when all of a sudden I became aware that the interstate was swarming with sports cars. But all a similar type of sports car – what I think of as maybe a Trans Am. That to me means low to the ground, American made, and (maybe?) not made any more. (I’m not a car person so don’t criticize and laugh at me too much on my lack of knowledge in this area.) There were about 20 of them and I felt like I suddenly had been transported into some weird race where I was definitely not supposed to be.

Tonight I see 9!

post missing out on those apps

September 16th, 2009

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Why can’t I have an iPhone?! Oh yeah… I can’t afford it. And I don’t want AT&T. But, man, I would love to have a Friends With You app that lets a FWY character greet me on my phone every day. If you have an iPhone, go and get it. And tell me how wonderful it is.

post happy labor day

September 7th, 2009

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This is what I labored on this labor day.