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August 31st, 2009

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Just having fun here. Since tomorrow is the first day of school (at one school anyway)!

post painting for today

August 27th, 2009

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I thought it was about time to post a new painting. Here it is! I am currently trying to get some new ideas flowing. This is how I do that. And then I go from there… Currently I am thinking about centipedes, dust bunnies, sushi, robots, and clean sheets (not that that is what this painting is about, no no).

post gnomes and such

August 17th, 2009

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This weekend I had the rare opportunity to become a gnome. My friend Missy (aka Melissa Webb) currently has an exhibition at Gallery Imperato and I was costumed by her talented hand during the opening reception. Reverie, drinking, and gibberish were the highlights of my night in gnome form.

Today I get back to “normal” life. After several weeks in succession of visiting GA, helping Ben pack and move, and a visit from my brother and niece, things are quiet again and it is time to get down to work. New ideas and class preparation are in full swing. As Ben drives back northward, I must concentrate concentrate concentrate to avoid the lazy temptation of sadness calling my name to meaningless tasks.

OK, not to end on a sad note… I saw the new Miyazaki film Ponyo last night. It was very odd to say the least. It was certainly geared toward younger children which I don’t necessarily have a problem with, but some of the storylines trailed off with no explanation. While I am always entertained and visually stimulated by his work and odd creatures, this is definitely not one of my favorites. Maybe that is sad too. Oh well, I tried…