post William Kentridge at SFMOMA

March 22nd, 2009

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I just got back from a trip to San Francisco. I saw a show that inspired me enough to post in my blog! There is a positively amazing show at the SFMOMA of William Kentridge’s work. Good news for you east coasters: the show is traveling to MOMA, New York next year. I had seen a lot of his work several years ago in a show at the Hirshhorn and was impressed then. But this show blew me away even further. The image above is from his interpretation of Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Apparently, Kentridge directed an opera based on Mozart’s several years ago and then decided to create a traveling puppet version run completely electronically. (The image doesn’t even begin to do it justice!)

The image above is from a piece titled What Will Come (has already come) in which Kentridge projects an animation from above to a spinning cylindrical mirror below, distorting the imagery to a “normal” view onto the mirror (kind of like a modern day praxinoscope). Again, the image does no justice to the actual work. If you have the opportunity, go see the show!

Kentridge’s work appears to be moving beyond projected animations on a flat wall and into performance and more multimedia or even sculptural work. It was exciting to see an animator moving beyond the traditional projection and got me enthused and inspired for my own work.