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June 3rd, 2008

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I was at the laundromat today… doing laundry. Ugh, does anyone else hate going to the laundromat as much as I do? (This means I had loads to do, as it all piles up and up as I procrastinate more and more.)

Anyway, I was diligently working at my laundry when I looked over to figure out what was causing a small commotion at the other end of the room. It was a bird who was trapped in the laundromat and he couldn’t find his way out. There were lots of windows that he kept banging into but he couldn’t find the right one (that was actually the open door to the outside).

For a little while I let him try to work it out himself, figuring that my disrupting him would terrify him even further. But I quickly realized that he really was not finding his way out at all. A friend even showed up on the other side of the window and squawked at him. But to no avail! (Oh, it was so sad I almost cried.)

Finally, I decided I had to help him somehow. First I tried just heading toward him in the hopes of scaring him in the general direction of the door. But this failed miserably. He seemed very sad and pitiful at this point and even had calmed down in his apparent depression toward being trapped forever in a sad sad laundromat.

I decided he had calmed down enough to see how much he would freak out if I touched him with a newspaper. I wouldn’t say that he liked it but it bothered him less than I expected. At that point I knew I was simply going to have to pick him up myself and take him outside. So I gathered up all my courage, grabbed him, held onto his little squirming body (which was surprisingly comforting and heartwarming rather than the expected frightening and dangerous) and quickly took him out to the safety of the big world and set him down on the ground as he flew off. I think I heard him thank me as he scattered into the sky.

post what is a shadowtooth?

June 3rd, 2008

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Well, here is a hint: a robot? a tooth? a shadow? what do they all have in common? Go find out for sure at Natty Bumpercar’s new toon. This is an excellent tale we can all learn a little lesson from…? I also really like his Snowflake and Ants – don’t miss those!