post helping the squirrels

April 28th, 2008

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Yesterday I got to help save a squirrel! A baby squirrel – well, about 8 weeks old, if that still counts as a baby. At any rate, it was a very cute squirrel by the name of Perry.

My part may not be as exciting as it actually sounds so far, but it was still very exciting to me. Anyway, my friend Gina found a squirrel. She was at the park and saw someone drop off a squirrel with a pile of cookies. But when the squirrel finished eating and realized he had been abandoned, he started screaming. Gina went to see what was wrong and when he saw her, the squirrel ran up to her and climbed right up her. She knew she could not leave the squirrel; it obviously was not able to fend for itself yet and was too used to humans. Then she decided to take him home. This Perry was so cute and so sweet. It ran all over Gina and slept with her. A few days later she realized he needed to be reintroduced into the wild and found a place that would take him and help him.

But Gina has no car… which is where I came in. I took Gina and Perry out to the country where this lady works with animals. Even though I really didn’t contribute much to the actual taking care of the squirrel, at least I could lend my services toward getting Perry to his new home.

post a strange fruit

April 27th, 2008

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Look at this strawberry! It’s almost like a two-headed monster (or something). This is a stop motion animation waiting to happen. But I ate it. It was very tasty!

post a new artist link

April 26th, 2008

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Today I added a new link to one of my friend’s websites, Lynne Parks. She is an amazing artist who I met while I was living in the DC area several years ago. You should check out her site. My favorites are her assmeblages, a little taste of which you can see here (an image I grabbed off of her site). Someone who I often chat with about people like Jan Svankmajer and David Lynch is most certainly making some interesting work.

post I saw art.

April 17th, 2008

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I went to Pittsburgh. I went to a museum. I saw art. This is what it looked like.

post Hydra at Transmodern

April 9th, 2008

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This is a nine headed talking monster called Hydra who was at the Baltimore Transmodern Festival last weekend, brought to us by Kelley Bell. Speak to the Hydra and you will hear your own words of wisdom spouted back out at you in nine different Hydra languages. No wonder why he has so many friends! And look at the funny headed hatted person in the background. That’s my friend Emily (who is also helping me out with the making of my first book ever) taking part in some amazing costume making that was going on. Good times!