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April 22nd, 2012

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It’s been a rather cold day of rain here in Baltimore but I’ve been enjoying it. It kept me indoors, getting some work done, and the rain sounds lovely. It’s also a good excuse to eat a lot of food and drink a lot of warm drinks. I made homemade buttermilk pancakes (the kind that make you remember why they’re called pan-cakes) with a strawberry-blackberry-lemon-sugar-balsamic vinegar-tasty-mix for brunch. Mmmmm… Sorry, I forgot to take a photo.

This weekend I finished a few more prints. They’re in my shop. Please take a look! The one here is not of the series that I’ve been working on recently (unlike the other prints in my shop so far) and is slightly larger. I’m very pleased with this one and it looks really awesome printed. My printer prints very rich velvety blacks, which looks great against the light purplish grey here.

I was also on a cat photo taking kick this weekend (another thing that’s always fun to do on a cold rainy day) so I thought I’d share two favorites. Enjoy!

If you’re my fb friend you’ve probably already seen this one of Mito’s vicious mouth.

Tambourine in crazed flailing action mode.