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March 31st, 2013

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Ben and I traveled to Georgia to visit my parents and explore the coast a bit during my spring break. Here we are on the beach at Cumberland Island. It was rather chilly and windy and wonderful.

Trees, trees, trees on Cumberland Island!

What is the first thing I think of when I imagine Savannah? Spanish moss, of course!

Apparently I was feeling rather nostalgic because we visited a bunch of places I remember fondly from growing up. Cumberland Island, Savannah, The Museum of Arts and Sciences, and here at the Indian Mounds. Ben and the grass are looking bright and colorful as we climb up the big mound.

These trees made an awesome drawing at the Indian Mounds. (Yes, this is a very tree heavy post.)

Blackout in Macon! We had a crazy awesome dramatic freak thunderstorm the night before we left for Savannah. And lost power for a couple of hours.

post Happy 2013!

January 10th, 2013

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Another whirlwind holiday season has come and gone! Despite all the wonderful times I had with friends and family with much eating, drinking, and celebrating, I’m happy to see things settle back down a bit now.

Here’s a highlight from our holiday… I made Ben play with the painstakingly and beautifully crafted modernist house I built for Tambourine (which she thoroughly ignored – she wouldn’t even look at it) so I would feel appreciated. Is there anybody out there who has a very tiny cat that appreciates modern architecture and small spaces?

Happy New Year everyone!

post Colorado Times

July 11th, 2012

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I went to Colorado (the land of fire) last week to visit my brother, sister in law, and their three kids. It was awesome hanging out with everyone and the kids seem more and more fun every time I see them. I wander if that will change at some point when they turn into teenagers? Hopefully teenagers are jerks only to their parents, not to their aunts :) Here’s for hoping!

Jack, Lauren, and Juliet at the Denver Art Museum.

The reality of Fourth of July parades “they” never tell you about: heat, misery, and unhappy faces. And yet you’ll probably do it all over again next year :)

I gave the family the Wii Michael Jackson Experience for their birthdays. It was a big hit! Jack and Lauren loved dancing to Dirty Diana together. Non-family members will probably not be nearly as entertained here… But this cracks me up. (Sadly, I missed my opportunity to catch Eric and Tracy on film. Although it’s probably in my best interest that I’m not posting that to the interwebs, anyway… But I promise you they enjoyed it too!)

And I couldn’t forget Juliet!

post Catching Up

June 27th, 2011

Wow. I am so far behind in blogging, I’m not really sure where to start. But here are some major events that have happened since the last time I blogged.

1. Kelley and I collaborated on a piece for Transmodern at campcamp. It was so much fun but I was so completely exhausted by the time it opened that documentation is sadly lacking. But here’s an image of our space, taken by Theresa Keil for What Weekly.  J.M. Giordano used our space as a set for a short film for the BMA (which is what you see here). You can see Kelley in the hairy, white-headed costume on the right and me in the white monster costume near the center. We also projected animations but this photo was taken before dark.

2. I went to Ben’s thesis show at UConn. This was my favorite photo from the show of Ben’s mom and aunt looking at his work, probably thinking something like: “Um, what the heck is this?”. You can see more of his work here.

3. Ben graduated. Yay Ben! Congrats to him, Siobhan, Lani, Jamie, and Rita! I will miss you guys.

4. In CT, I visited the puppetry museum, saw a show of Frank Ballard’s work, and lusted after another useless degree: an MFA in puppetry.

5. My mom had heart valve surgery here at Johns Hopkins. She’s doing wonderfully now and is back in GA. I was so happy she was able to be here so I could spend time with her while she recovered. She always likes to visit the cathedral and their gift shop when she comes to Baltimore. And since I was feeling particularly willing to keep her happy after her surgery, I took her there without even whining. I was pleased to discover this gem.

6. Ben moved in to my apartment. For three days in a row, immediately upon moving in, Ben spontaneously and enthusiastically made beautiful delicious dinners (here we have roasted turnips and onions, sesame ginger baked tofu, and salad). I briefly thought I had the good fortune of acquiring a gourmet housewife/chef. However, things have settled down and now he only cooks from time to time (but still more than I do). Ah, well, I knew it was too good to be true…

7. Tambourine (Ben’s cat) and Mito (my cat) hate each other. You wouldn’t think so from the way Mito is reaching out to hug Tambourine in this photo, but trust me, they do.

8. Ben’s thesis show in NYC went up immediately after his CT show. Here’s a photo from the opening.

9. I went to NYC this past weekend to help Ben take down the show. I rode the Staten Island Ferry for the first time (fun!) and saw some Friends with You balloons.

post many many children

September 23rd, 2010

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This is what usually happens when trying to get three kids to pose for the camera all at the same time. And as it should be… who wants boring old posed photos anyway? Shame on me for even trying.

Last weekend my brother, his wife, and three kids were here for a visit. It worked out quite well: one child per adult, perfect for crossing streets and walking through cities. Much museum going, laughter, jumping, talk and jokes of bodily functions (That’s right on my level… Boogers was the big one this time because there was a horse sculpture whose nose they could stick their fingers into and pretend they were wiping snot all over each other at, of all places, the American History Museum. Now you know what they learned about our nation’s history.), and sleep deprived whining entailed. I am just recovering now from those adorable energy sucking critters.

This is the picture Lauren drew of me. Love it! I was so happy to see all the grapes. How did she know I like wine? Lauren had the privilege of spending the night at my house one night during the family visit. This is what she wanted to do (and of course that means that’s what we did!): draw, paint, watch movies, drink hot chocolate, and eat snacks. Luckily I have apparently had a positive influence on her because her favorite movie to watch with me is My Neighbor Totoro.

Sadly, and much to Lauren’s dismay, I think Lauren is Mito’s most hated human in the world (and that’s saying quite a lot, coming from the anger filled depths of what is known as Mitochondria the cat). Her drawing of Mito says it all. I was listening to but not watching her as she drew this and she kept saying that the eyes were “too nice” and she kept redrawing them. I think she got it down.

Even though, by the last day of the trip (and I have to remind myself that sleep depravation that comes with traveling was completely taking the kids over by that point – aka grumpiness), Lauren seemed intent on finding any possible way to annoy me or make me angry, when she hugged me goodbye she told me she wanted to come live with me forever… awwwww.