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December 7th, 2013

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Please join me at the Holiday Market Party in Highlandtown Saturday (tomorrow… er, actually today, considering it’s 1am)! I’ll be selling prints, holiday cards (this image is one of them), and stickers along with 25 other artists and crafters. There will also be food, a firepit out back, and music. It will be fun!

Saturday, December 7, 10am-6pm
The Lodge
3402 Gough St.
Baltimore, MD 21224

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January 10th, 2013

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Another whirlwind holiday season has come and gone! Despite all the wonderful times I had with friends and family with much eating, drinking, and celebrating, I’m happy to see things settle back down a bit now.

Here’s a highlight from our holiday… I made Ben play with the painstakingly and beautifully crafted modernist house I built for Tambourine (which she thoroughly ignored – she wouldn’t even look at it) so I would feel appreciated. Is there anybody out there who has a very tiny cat that appreciates modern architecture and small spaces?

Happy New Year everyone!

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December 3rd, 2012

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Come to Hampden on Sunday to buy arts and crafts from some local artists! I’m participating in a holiday market in Hampden along with a lot of other local artists. I’ll be selling the prints from my etsy store (at a discounted price!) and some brand new ones too.

There will be some food for sale and there will be a bar open in the back. Stop by, buy some things, and hang out with us as we celebrate the winter holidays!

Thanks Lisa D. for organizing the whole thing! And thanks Kelley B. for making the amazing poster!

Here’s the facebook link and all the info:
Sunday, December 9
11am – 5pm
3535 Chestnut Ave., Baltimore, MD, 21211 (the old Republican Club building)

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May 15th, 2012

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My friend, the talented animator Phil Davis, made a music video recently for The Spinto Band. It was featured today on NPR’s All Songs Considered blog. The video (and particularly the hand-drawn animation) is amazing! I highly recommend you watch it (by clicking on the All Songs Considered blog link right up there, above this line of text). I also had a fun time trying to pick one of my favorite stills to share with everyone, thanks Phil!

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March 4th, 2012

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I had a lot of fun at the opening last night. Thanks to everyone who came! Thanks Sarada, for inviting me to be in the show and than you Andrew, who showed work with me. And thank you Lisa, I stole your image since I pulled my usual forgetting to take photos. I hope you don’t mind!

The most interesting conversation of the evening I had with a 6 year old. I found out that she asked to meet me after seeing all the work in the show. I was flattered! We talked about art, abstraction vs. realism, imaginary friends, animals, and she recommended a book she thought I might like. Wow! She was amazing!

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June 27th, 2011

Wow. I am so far behind in blogging, I’m not really sure where to start. But here are some major events that have happened since the last time I blogged.

1. Kelley and I collaborated on a piece for Transmodern at campcamp. It was so much fun but I was so completely exhausted by the time it opened that documentation is sadly lacking. But here’s an image of our space, taken by Theresa Keil for What Weekly.  J.M. Giordano used our space as a set for a short film for the BMA (which is what you see here). You can see Kelley in the hairy, white-headed costume on the right and me in the white monster costume near the center. We also projected animations but this photo was taken before dark.

2. I went to Ben’s thesis show at UConn. This was my favorite photo from the show of Ben’s mom and aunt looking at his work, probably thinking something like: “Um, what the heck is this?”. You can see more of his work here.

3. Ben graduated. Yay Ben! Congrats to him, Siobhan, Lani, Jamie, and Rita! I will miss you guys.

4. In CT, I visited the puppetry museum, saw a show of Frank Ballard’s work, and lusted after another useless degree: an MFA in puppetry.

5. My mom had heart valve surgery here at Johns Hopkins. She’s doing wonderfully now and is back in GA. I was so happy she was able to be here so I could spend time with her while she recovered. She always likes to visit the cathedral and their gift shop when she comes to Baltimore. And since I was feeling particularly willing to keep her happy after her surgery, I took her there without even whining. I was pleased to discover this gem.

6. Ben moved in to my apartment. For three days in a row, immediately upon moving in, Ben spontaneously and enthusiastically made beautiful delicious dinners (here we have roasted turnips and onions, sesame ginger baked tofu, and salad). I briefly thought I had the good fortune of acquiring a gourmet housewife/chef. However, things have settled down and now he only cooks from time to time (but still more than I do). Ah, well, I knew it was too good to be true…

7. Tambourine (Ben’s cat) and Mito (my cat) hate each other. You wouldn’t think so from the way Mito is reaching out to hug Tambourine in this photo, but trust me, they do.

8. Ben’s thesis show in NYC went up immediately after his CT show. Here’s a photo from the opening.

9. I went to NYC this past weekend to help Ben take down the show. I rode the Staten Island Ferry for the first time (fun!) and saw some Friends with You balloons.

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April 24th, 2011

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It’s been a busy few weeks with all the regular goings-ons and also getting prepared for the Transmodern Festival. Kelley and I are collaborating on a piece at campcamp. Be sure to stop by and see us on Friday and/or Saturday nights!

For a taste of what’s to come, here’s a little preview of one thing I worked on for the piece today. You’ll have to stop by to find out what it is!

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March 7th, 2011

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It has been a fun and productive weekend.

I finally went to see The Illusionist. It’s not quite as epic as The Triplets of Belleville (that could be in part, though, because that was the first Sylvain Chomet film I ever saw which is a mind-blowing experience), but I loved it. Just the combination of Chomet’s animation and Jacques Tati and M. Hulot brought back to life makes me happy. I won’t say anything more, lest I spoil anyone’s experience.

I also went to the Future Islands / Celebration concert. The ambience was magical. 2640 is always great, plus the sweet smell of cotton candy grabbed me immediately as I entered (because they were making fluffy blue cotton candy – mmmm), the ceiling was hung with white balloon cotton cloud clusters, and projections of flying birds were everywhere. Future Islands was quite a treat to see live, as I had been told. Celebration was great as always, though it felt a little low key after Future Islands.

The funny amusing event of my weekend was that a girl approached me at the Celebration show and asked to take a photo of me for her fashion blog. Not that I think I’m some completely fashionless twit, but a hipster I am not. It did make me feel less old. Yay!

post Philly!

November 15th, 2009

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I took a road trip with my friend Missy this weekend to Philadelphia. Thanks for asking me to join you and suggesting some great destinations, Missy! Every time I go to Philadelphia I have a great time and see super-duper (I used the thesaurus to get that word because I didn’t want to use great again and my brain wouldn’t come up with anything interesting – thanks thesaurus!) things and convince myself I want to move there. Are there any out Philadelphians out there? Is it as awesome as the awesomeness I am projecting onto it?

Part 1: Jason Hackenwerth Show
Missy introduced me to this artist (which I believe is what inspired her idea for this trip in the first place). We saw his large scale balloon sculptures at a gallery whose name I can’t remember but was an amazing restored warehouse style space and was in the same neighborhood as the restaurant we went to below. The fingery parts of the uninflated ends reminded me a lot of some of my more obsessive amoeba-like drawings.

Part 2: Lunch at Johnny Brenda’s
We met a friend of Missy’s for lunch here, thanks to her friend’s wonderful suggestion. At my insistence we began the foodfest with a whiskey donut. Delicious! And very whiskey-ish. I couldn’t help but be reminded of my grandmother’s super soaked rum balls that I love now but was disgusted by as a kid. Also at my insistence we sat at the dark table with pulsating lights (pictured above with the beloved donut). I proceeded to order ham and cheese grits which was covered in sunny side up eggs. Also very yummy! I finished it all off with some wonderful local beer – they had a lot of choices on tap. It looks like this place has it all: good food (both savory and sweet), good drink, interesting decor, and apparently live music as I see from their website.

Part 3: Eastern State Penitentiary
I have always wanted to go here but for one reason or another all my trips to Philadelphia have not allowed the time to squeeze it in. Until now. If you have not been there, it is worth checking it out! We happened to pick the perfect kind of day to go (dreary, overcast, and chilly) and the sun was setting toward the end which added to the creepy factor of the place. The detritus, textures, and gloomy atmosphere forced me to have to restrain myself from taking a photo every time I took a step. Artist installations appear here and there in some of the cells. I wouldn’t suggest going there if you are expecting something amazing installation wise. While some of the pieces were great (again that great, but too lazy for thesaurus this time), you aren’t going to run into one every time you turn a corner and a lot of the technologically dependent ones weren’t working. Oh, and if you decide to go, you have the pleasure of a walking recorded audio tour with Steve Buscemi to look forward to.

We had a few other interesting adventures but I think you’ve heard enough and those are some of my particularly favorite highlights.

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August 17th, 2009

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This weekend I had the rare opportunity to become a gnome. My friend Missy (aka Melissa Webb) currently has an exhibition at Gallery Imperato and I was costumed by her talented hand during the opening reception. Reverie, drinking, and gibberish were the highlights of my night in gnome form.

Today I get back to “normal” life. After several weeks in succession of visiting GA, helping Ben pack and move, and a visit from my brother and niece, things are quiet again and it is time to get down to work. New ideas and class preparation are in full swing. As Ben drives back northward, I must concentrate concentrate concentrate to avoid the lazy temptation of sadness calling my name to meaningless tasks.

OK, not to end on a sad note… I saw the new Miyazaki film Ponyo last night. It was very odd to say the least. It was certainly geared toward younger children which I don’t necessarily have a problem with, but some of the storylines trailed off with no explanation. While I am always entertained and visually stimulated by his work and odd creatures, this is definitely not one of my favorites. Maybe that is sad too. Oh well, I tried…

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