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January 12th, 2014

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Ben and I spent three days in NYC this week. It was lovely and cold and we saw lots of art. My three favorite shows I saw:

  1. Isa Genzken
  2. Mike Kelley
  3. Rituals of Rented Island

I was surprised how much I loved the Isa Genzken show. I didn’t know much about her or her work beforehand. I was struck by the vast range of her work, but it didn’t feel at all disparate. Something that struck me about her show and the Mike Kelley show: what variety, volume, and intellect!

Some other things worth mentioning:

  • I saw Richard Serra in the Richard Serra.
  • The Boltbus cannot handle below freezing temps. I was so cold I put on ALL the socks I brought on my trip and my pajama pants over my jeans.

Please enjoy the Isa Genzken photos. Her work is way too much fun to photograph!











post Mito

December 23rd, 2013

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My beloved Mito passed away a week ago today. I was just thinking today that I spent more time with her in the past 13 years than anyone. Missing the little monster terribly.

post Holiday Market Party

December 7th, 2013

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Please join me at the Holiday Market Party in Highlandtown Saturday (tomorrow… er, actually today, considering it’s 1am)! I’ll be selling prints, holiday cards (this image is one of them), and stickers along with 25 other artists and crafters. There will also be food, a firepit out back, and music. It will be fun!

Saturday, December 7, 10am-6pm
The Lodge
3402 Gough St.
Baltimore, MD 21224

post Last Chance: Watchamacallit Thingamajig

October 6th, 2013

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Today is your last chance to see Watchamacallit Thingamajig in The Silber Gallery at Goucher! It’s a really awesome show. And I was very excited for the chance to display my entire Fox’s Misunderstandings series. Here are a few images. Thanks again, Laura Amussen, for inviting me to be a part of it.

02 03 04

post Some Randoms

August 3rd, 2013

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I’ve been doing some drawing (and painting) this summer. Here are a few that I did this week. They’re all 5″x 7″.

pearl geometry


stapler sadness. i hope you are ok.


what is said and what isn’t


holy bunny

post Secondhand Botanic Series

July 31st, 2013

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I have two new prints in my Etsy shop. Check them out!

post Merit Badges

July 27th, 2013

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I have new merit badge stickers in my etsy shop. They are awesome! You should buy them!

post Spring Break Down South

March 31st, 2013

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Ben and I traveled to Georgia to visit my parents and explore the coast a bit during my spring break. Here we are on the beach at Cumberland Island. It was rather chilly and windy and wonderful.

Trees, trees, trees on Cumberland Island!

What is the first thing I think of when I imagine Savannah? Spanish moss, of course!

Apparently I was feeling rather nostalgic because we visited a bunch of places I remember fondly from growing up. Cumberland Island, Savannah, The Museum of Arts and Sciences, and here at the Indian Mounds. Ben and the grass are looking bright and colorful as we climb up the big mound.

These trees made an awesome drawing at the Indian Mounds. (Yes, this is a very tree heavy post.)

Blackout in Macon! We had a crazy awesome dramatic freak thunderstorm the night before we left for Savannah. And lost power for a couple of hours.

post Animals. (Dead ones.) Yes.

January 23rd, 2013

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My brother sent me the link to a Scientific American article a few days ago about this new thing called The Brain Scoop. And I now have a new fabulous favorite person: Emily Graslie. She’s an artist turned zoologist/taxidermist/museum studies person. I love love love what she’s doing and I wanted to share it with you all. If you like science and animals I think you’ll love it too. It’s one of the best things I’ve seen in a while!

Thanks for looking out for me, bro. Apparently you know me well.

I think it’s pretty obvious, but in case it needs to be said, the image above is from her site.


January 12th, 2013

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Ben and I are very excited to be in our first show together. It’s open now: SMÖRGÅSBORD at Gallery CA, juried by Paddy Johnson, founding editor of Art Fag City and Arts Editor for the L Magazine.

The gallery is open Wednesday-Friday from 12PM-4PM or by appointment. Please join us at the reception on Friday, January 18 from 5-8pm. The show is up until February 1.

The show features 24 Baltimore-based artists:
Benjamin Andrew, David Armacost, Heather Beardsley, Vincent Carney, Crissían Chen, Erika Diehl, Adam Farcus, Michael Farley, Matthew Fishel, Sung Hwa Kim, Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, Kim Llerena, Rachael London, Andrew Lubas, Jon Marshalik, Cyle Metzger, Catherine O’Connell, Ben Piwowar, Cathleen Sachse, Nicole Shiflet, Anna Showers-Cruser, James Singewald, Sean Sweeney, and David Ubias.

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