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  “To my eyes, objects have always been livelier than human beings. More static but also more telling. More moving because of their concealed meanings and their memory, which beats the human memory. Objects are keepers of the events they have witnessed… I have always tried to extract content from the objects, to listen to the objects themselves and to put their stories into images.”
- Jan Svankmeyer
The interstitial moments that occur between memorable events tend to be forgotten or go unnoticed. I capture, record, and remember them as one might log happenings in a journal. In order to experience those inner voices one must investigate. I ask the viewer to probe in order to perceive the sounds and objects I have collected and reconstructed.

Robert Morris’ “Box with the Sound of Its Own Making” is a box containing the history of its creation. My work is a record of its own history in a much less literal way. I begin a piece by collecting both objects and sounds. Once a collection has been made, I return with the findings to the studio, studying them much as a scientist studies a cell in a Petri dish. A change and recreation of linearity is brought out by their interactions with each other. Previous associations with each other are lost and a new layer of my own enters. The initial history I find in these pieces allows me to create something that does not start out shiny and new. And by adding my own history, it makes it richer. The layering of these histories creates a greater depth of interest, just as layering in painting creates more depth for the eye. Emphasizing the process is important because each step in my creating is represented in the work.

My objects and sounds are found much by chance. Artifacts I encounter on the street speak to me and I respond. Things that make me wonder what the original intent was or that seem out of place in their surroundings tend to attract my attention. These things could range from snippets of a conversation to pieces of broken plastic. John Cage said: “Our intention is to affirm this life, not to bring order out of chaos nor to suggest improvements in creation, but simply to wake up to the very life we are living which is so excellent once one gets one’s mind and one’s desires out of it’s way and lets [it] adapt of it’s own accord.” I attempt to find relationships between the found materials and arrange them accordingly. I adapt the elements to each other and to my own creating process in order to develop a new form.

I animate spaces and objects by combining sound with things not normally associated with sound. Every hole in a wall or every piece of scrap on the ground may contain a personality if we choose to explore it further.
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